CYBERPOL The International Cyber Policing Organization works at finding crucial pragmatic solutions to the ever growing International Security and Cyber Threats around the world to make the Internet a safer place.

CYBERPOL The International Cyber Policing Agency promotes among others, a global awareness within the Cyber Threat Resilience Domain against that of Cyber Terrorism and Cyber Criminality of today.

CYBERPOL Global Cyber Security Summit, a platform aimed at fostering dialogue among, key security players – such as Governments, Corporations, Banks, Private Businesses, Academics, Think Tanks, the Military and other partners. It is essential that major players and stakeholders cooperate in order to jointly secure cyber space and develop international cyber resilience strategies to counter ever multiplying criminal and terrorist threats from organized criminal groups that will ultimately preparing for Day “0” when it arrives.

The Annual CYBERPOL Conferences will review and anticipate multiple security threats such as Cyber Terrorism and Insider Threats in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of main challenges, gather lessons learned and best practices, offer operational insights as well as strategic advice on the way ahead to combat cyber crime.

In order to preserve and protect their shared values and interest, participants will investigate new and emerging cyber threats facing INTERNET players, from ordinary citizens to major corporations, and collectively reflect on joint innovative responses.

The CYBERPOL 2021 Summit will cover the following topics:

• INTERNET cyber security policy and strategy / Governments
• Future cyber threats and landscape changes since Covid-19
• Cost of cyber attacks during 2019 into 2025
• Collective innovative strategies and targeted responses to the evolving threats, including protection of critical assets
• Working with cross Industry/Government partners to enhance cyber resilience
• Supporting transnational cyber-counter crime operations Internationally
• Optimal use of technology to increase safety and security

13th October 2022
Live Streamed on Facebook and YouTube !
2020 was attended by over Over 3200 participants.

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